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Kitchen Trends With Staying Power

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Remodeling your kitchen is a huge investment of time and money. Make sure youQuartz kitchen counter’re getting the best return by making choices recommended by the home experts at Houselogic.com. Image: Bellingham from Cambria’s Waterstone Collection

1. Love White? You Won’t Go Wrong

It’s hard to believe that white kitchens could get any more popular. But the preference for white cabinets continues to soar. Sixty-seven percent of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) members said that white is their top choice for cabinets, a 20% climb from two years ago. And layering white on white — white backsplashes beneath white cabinets on white countertops — was spotlighted in the 2014 Best in American Living Awards presented by the National Association of Home Builders.

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HGTV Recommends Kitchen & Bath Remodels!

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In the hottest housing markets, according to the industry
experts at HGTV and the National Association of Realtors, springing for a kitchen or bath remodel is a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost! In Baltimore, for instCustom Kitchen Remodel3ance, a $9,400 bathroom remodel recouped 182 percent of its cost at resale, according to Remodeling’s 2004 study. The markets in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and San Diego also offered triple-digit returns on a bathroom remodel. Minor kitchen remodels (average cost: $15,273) also provided returns of more than 100 percent in cities including Providence, R.I., Miami, New Orleans and, of course, San Diego, where a $17,928 investment netted $27,000 on resale.

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BBB Advice on Hiring a Contractor

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It’s time accred_bus_7469-under-50kfor fall cleaning and remodeling! Many homeowners are now choosing to remodel their current home rather than selling in an effort to hold home values in the U.S. housing market. To execute the strategy successfully, most projects require professional help and Better Business Bureau (BBB) is offering advice and guidance on finding trustworthy contractors who can help make the strategy pay off.

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

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Follow these great tips from the home design pros at HGTV and you’re sure (with a little legwork) to find the best person for your home remodeling project in the greater Dayton area.

Ask for Referrals
Word of mouth-hands down, is the best way to find a qualified professional to tackle the job. Ask relatives, friends and neighbors whom they’ve had good experiences with. And ask what made it a positive experience, how the contractor handled problems and whether he or she would use the same contractor again. Continue reading